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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 9: Bad Arguments

Episode 9: Bad Arguments with Suburbanaut, Momus and new contributor Skeeve.

This week’s ShoppeCast finds our staff recovering from a night of roller derby and booze-fueled shenanigans. Obama’s pro gay-marriage announcement was fresh on our minds, but we found shockingly little to debate on the subject.  It’s a simple matter of equal rights, and we can’t see any reason to deny those rights because of someone’s sexual orientation. In our humble opinion, it’s a stupid argument.   

One stupid argument led to another, and we manage to solve a good portion of the world’s problems in 30 minutes or less. Homophobic politicians, anti-vaccination hoaxes, anti-birth control propaganda, anti-abortion rhetoric and George Lucas all get their turn in this episode.

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 8: Albums

Episode 8: Albums with Suburbanaut, DMZ, and Momus.

This week the Butcher Shoppe Cast heads out into musical backcountry to talk about three albums that shaped their musical taste.  We start off in the early 60s with Suburbanaut and the Bee Gees - 1st, make a stop in the 70s with DMZ and Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus, and end with a 90s bandstravaganza featuring Momus and the soundtrack to Pump Up The Volume

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 7: ShoppeCast Comes Alive!

Image by Hunter-Desportes

Episode 7: ShoppeCast Comes Alive! with Suburbanaut, DMZ, and Momus.

We’re big music nerds here at Bay Area Butchers, and this week’s podcast is all about live music.   Listen to us discuss our first concert experiences, favorite shows, bad audiences and good venues.  We manage to jam in some punk pontification and take a couple shots at laptop bands as well; all in less than 22 red-hot minutes.

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 6: Angel's Story

Lady Justice by Arnold Prieto Jr, on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in Texas

Episode 6: Angel’s Story with Momus, Suburbanaut, DMZ, and special guest Angel.

We’ve recently been lucky enough to get several new contributors to Bay Area Butchers, including two amazing new writers: Michael Wayne Hunter and Thomas Bartlett Whitaker.  In this week’s podcast, in honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week and the great news that Connecticut has abolished the death penalty, we talk with special guest Angel, the woman who made it possible for us to get access to their writing and bring Thomas’ No Mercy For Dogs(part 1, part 2, part 3), and Hunter’s experiences in San Quentin (Death House Intro, Settling into the Q, Acclimation) to our humble pages.   

Angel was kind enough to sit down with us for a few hours and share her story; how she became an advocate for death row inmates, the events that led up to that choice, and her experiences since then.  She has a truly unique perspective, starting with her own experience as a victim of violence, going to trial and dealing with the actual process of justice and the emotions involved, and trying to find a way to discuss the thoughts and ideas that linger after the initial fear is overcome.  Her journey led her to visit death row and eventually become an advocate and voice for people like Michael and Thomas.

We won’t spoil it any further, and Angel tells it far better than we could anyway. So without any further blathering, we’re very proud to present Angel’s Story.

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 5: Gatekeepers

Episode 5: Gatekeepers with Suburbanaut, Momus, DMZ, and Smithee.

In this episode of The Butcher Shoppe Cast the four of us discuss how the mainstream media as we’ve known it began, its profitable peak, and its decline and fall as they’ve refused to adapt to the consumers demands.  After a long time of gatekeeper controlled media - with narrow channels and big money, artists drained dry for the luxury of others, music and movies and books and news dumbed down to reach the widest audience possible - we’ve reached a time where the tools for an artist to succeed are widely available nearly free of charge.  Their audience is out there, connected, waiting, searching, and sharing.  For most of our lives big business has held all the cards, controlled all the channels, with all the eyes and ears, and in the end all the money.  But the walls have been breached with millions upon millions of tiny tubes letting all the art slip away bits at a time.  We’re thankful for Jaws and Time Bandits, for Led Zepplin and the Sex Pistols, but we’re now living in a media renaissance that will in turn produce great artists, but on their own terms in their own way.

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 4: The Nerd Games

Episode 4: The Nerd Games with Suburbanaut, Momus, and DMZ.

In this episode of The Butcher Shoppe Cast the three of us discuss the extrememly important and far reaching issue of whether The Hunger Games is just another in a long line of shitty American ripoffs, in this case of the japanese book/film Battle Royale.  As these discussions usually go we end up arguing about the proverbial color of the deck chairs in the bar on the enterprise on the third season of voyager in the alternate reality of the alternate reality episode where they go back in time to that episode of the original series where Kirk fucks the blue woman and Spock has an ass rash while Scotty has to blah blah blah… you get the picture. 

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 3: Bad Decisions

Episode 3: Bad Decisions with Momus, Suburbanaut, DMZ, and new contributer Smithee

We’re back with episode 3 of The Butcher Shoppe Cast.  Listen to the four of us thoroughly discuss the Trayvon Martin tragedy. All of us here at Bay Area Butchers are deeply saddened by Trayvon’s death and send his family and friends our deepest condolences for their loss. We discuss background on Trayvon and his killer George Zimmerman, a detailed run through of the latest information surrounding the shooting, and a lively discussion of the Stand Your Ground laws.  In the end we all agree that the movie Pirate Radio is terribly underrated. 

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 2: Soil Depletion

Episode 2: Soil Depletion with Momus, Suburbanaut, and Penemue.  

The Butcher Shoppe Cast is back. Listen to Momus, Suburbanaut, and Penemue get lost in the weeds discussing the lack of courtesy and integrity in our culture.  We kick off the conversation with Greg Smith’s Op Ed in the New York Times about the poisonous environment at Goldman Sachs and end up with a convincing theory on where San Francisco’s MUNI bus drivers come from.  Check it out, you won’t be dissapointed.  Well not completely.

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The Butcher Shoppe Cast Episode 1: Silly Straw

For many years all of us writers at Bay Area Butchers have engaged in random, interesting, intense, and at times humorous discussions of the madness around us, of our lives and our problems, about music and books, politics and philosphy, and of course a topic near and dear to all our hearts: hockey. With podcasting becoming more and more popular, and relatively easy to create, we decided to record some of our conversations and The Butcher Shoppe Cast was born. Today is the first episode of what we plan on being a regular feature here at Bay Area Butchers. And without further ado…

Episode 1: Silly Straw with Momus, DMZ, and Suburbanaut.

Listen to us discuss the great birth control controversy of 2012. We break down what Obama did, how the radical right reacted, and what lead Rush Limbaugh to jump off the misogyny cliff. Honestly, we can’t believe we’re still argueing about contraception in this day and age, but it’s just too absurd to ignore. Note that this coversation was recorded before Rush’s non-apology apology earlier this week, and since we’ve never witnessed anything of the sort in our lifetimes, for the first time in our lives we can envision a future where Rush is finally dismissed as the disgusting propagandist he’s always been.

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Welcome To The Butcher Shoppe Cast

Ladies and Gentleman, we’re excited to announce that tomorrow we’ll be releasing the very first episode of an original Bay Area Butchers production: The Butcher Shoppe Cast.  Listen in as a few of us butchers get together and discuss what’s on our minds.  Check out the promo today and come by tomorrow for Episode 1: Silly Straw with Momus, DMZ, and new butcher Suburbanaut.

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