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Stream of Consciousness Barrington Levy @ Shattuck Down Low

Bart to Oakland. Change. Downtown Berkeley. Where is this place? Damn google maps. iPhone is probably confused. Call her? Oh, other side of the street. Hurry up in your flip flops. Don’t get hit by bus. Made it.

Present ticket. Stamp. Is there an opening band? -mumbling- is probably not their name as it would be hard to get on the marquee. Grab an extra flyer. Will look good on my wall collection. Oh, stairs. Guess that is why they call it Shattuck Down Low.

Lights are up. Whoa! We’re way early. Booths! Love that! Lots of roped off VIP. I think it was like $150 plus booze. There are three people here and it is almost 10pm. Pot smoke. Bar takes cards. Awesome. Drinking. Eek-A-Mouse!! Already loving this place. 2nd round. Free drink! Just got a Michelin star!

Who are these white boys on stage? No black rhythm section? Seriously? Pot Smoke. Yes, they probably are from Bermuda. He has said it enough. “Green, Green, Weed” is their best song I agree.

Altercation outside. Bouncer is definitely in charge. Yes, I will give you a cigarette. I will break my one a day rule because we are at a Barrington Levy show and how often can you say that?

You should have had dinner before you drank whiskey straight.

I agree. It sucks you can’t find your friend. You usually exchange pot for coke? Weird. Yes, my friends smoke weed although I do not. Makes me paranoid. Yes, I will give them that handful of pot. Do you want a beer? No? Ok.

Barrington! There is the man! Pot Smoke. Yes, my favorite song is “Black Roses.” Only one guy knows all the words! Surprising. Reminds me of Eek-A-Mouse shows.

Whoa! My friend is swerving! Pot Smoke. Show is going well. One more round before we have to start babysitting this rookie. Bought an extra beer for mister potty McHands but can’t see him or his goatee. Feel free to grab the beer out of my hand baby. She went to the bathroom a while ago. Can you go check on her? Not there? I’ll go out front. Don’t go anywhere. Whoa! Why are you sipping water? Oh, you are really wasted. Hang out with my bouncer friend here and I will be back to find us all a cab.

Cab ride. Ghetto looks quiet tonight. Yes, I had a fun time. See you tomorrow. Please open your front door today please. Thank you.

Back over the Bay Bridge. $50 cab ride!?! Cheaper than a street sweeping ticket. Yes, I will stay at your house.

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